I'm a mental health advocate, stigma distruptor, self-educated, personal development mastermind, self-care activist, lovingly yet painfully honest, no-excuse taking friend, no-filter motivator, and your favorite hype-woman

Using my 12+ years experience of championing my Bipolar 1 diagnosis; it's my mission to help women flip the swith on their "disadvantages" and turn them into the biggest advantages of their life. 

You have a unqiue magic inside you just waiting to bust out and I'm going to help you find it. 


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This is not your average mindset podcast, this is a no BS space for the woman who wants to master her mind, strengthen her mental health and gain confidence to be her best self, by finding that bad bitch magic within.

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Writing is one of my favorite forms of self-care.  Come hang out as I share more on my life, my business, mental health, and more. 

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Throughout my journey of self love, I've found and created some of the best workbook and journal prompts that have helped me shape who I am today.

Now, I pass my power along to you!

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